Let us smoke your meat for your next Event

$15.00 per cut of meat.

BBQ Sauce

Pint 5.00

Quart 9.00

1/2 Gal 17.00

Gal 27.00

All prices include Sales Tax

and are subject to change

Cole Slaw, BBQ Beans,  

 Potato Salad

Pint 6.00 serves 2-3

Quart 10.00 serves 6-10

1/2 Gal 18.00 serves 12-15

Gal 28.00 serves 25-30

Event Menu

Any order over $100.00, 1/2 is due at time of order

Remaining balance due day of Event

3 day notice if event is cancelled for refund

3 to 4 people per pound

Pulled Pork, Turkey, Sausage,

Ham, Chicken 12.75/lb

‚ÄčBrisket (Market value)

3 days notice prefered

Baby Back or St Louis style Ribs

PROUDLY LOCAted in Franklin County

Pomona, Ks